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Habersham County Little League

Habersham County Little League

Tee Ball Local Rules

  1. Games will start on time and regardless of player count. Any late arriving players will be placed at the end of the lineup. There will be no forfeits. 
  2. 3 inning game with score kept on the scoreboard. Standings will not be kept. Home team is responsible for the getting and returning the scorebox and finding a scorekeeper each game.
  3. Outs will be enforced. Please work hard during practices in advance of the games to teach outs so that they are familiar with them. Most players have never experienced being ‘out’ and this will be a new concept for them but one that will be needed moving up the following year in age. 
  4. Bat through your lineup and then switch sides. 
  5. Batters will gain a single base only per at bat unless the ball is hit in the air to the outfield. At that time the batter will be awarded second. The last batter for each side can run all around until they reach home. 
  6. 9 players or less per team; teams will field a catcher at all times. If you have 5 or less players you do not have to field a catcher. Please do not wait on the catcher to put all of his/her gear on before starting the next inning. 
  7. 5 pitches and then the batter can hit off the tee. If a player fouls the final pitch, they receive another pitch which will continue until the ball is missed or put into play. Please be respectful of the game time and only give 5 pitches. 
  8. Coaches do not have to pitch from the rubber. They can scoot up, within reason, so the better can have a better chance at hitting off the coach and not the tee. Keep in mind we are preparing them for the next level so working to move away from the tee is key. As players progress through the season please back up closer to the rubber to improve the skill sets of your players. 
  9. Runners who are not in a force position do not have to run on a batted ball. This will help teach them to pay attention to their base coaches. 
  10. Please be mindful of teams playing after you. Games should not last longer than 75 minutes. Saturdays will be kept to one hour and fifteen minutes. 


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